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incremetar $_POST[vl $i];



não estou consuguindo incremenata variável $_POST[ ];

segue código:


# conexÆo com banco de dados

$db = mysql_connect("","brasilia","200230");

$link = mysql_select_db("orcamento",$db);

$nome = $_POST['vl1'];

$contrato = '027/2012';

if($nome != 0)


for ($i=1; $i<=12;$i++)


$incluir = mysql_query("INSERT INTO debito (contrato, data, valor) VALUES ('$contrato', '$i/2012' , $_POST['vl'.$i];)");



formulário de envio:


function repete()


var valor = document.getElementById("info").value; { for(i=1; i<=12;i++) document.getElementById("vl"+i).value = valor;}


function soma()


var c1 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("info").value);

var c2 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl1").value);

var c3 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl2").value);

var c4 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl3").value);

var c5 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl4").value);

var c6 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl5").value);

var c7 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl6").value);

var c8 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl7").value);

var c9 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl8").value);

var c10 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl9").value);

var c11 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl10").value);

var c12 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("vl11").value);

if (isNaN(c1)) c1 = 0;

if (isNaN(c2)) c2 = 0;

if (isNaN(c3)) c3 = 0;

if (isNaN(c4)) c4 = 0;

if (isNaN(c5)) c5 = 0;

if (isNaN(c6)) c6 = 0;

if (isNaN(c7)) c7 = 0;

if (isNaN(c8)) c8 = 0;

if (isNaN(c9)) c9 = 0;

if (isNaN(c10)) c10 = 0;

if (isNaN(c11)) c11 = 0;

if (isNaN(c12)) c12 = 0;

var soma = (c1+c2+c3+c4+c5+c6+c7+c8+c9+c10+c11+c12);

document.getElementById("total").value = parseFloat(soma.toFixed(2));



<form action=script.php method=post>

<table border="0"><tr>


<input type=text id="info" onkeyup="repete();soma();" style='background:#ccc;'><br>

<input type=text id="vl1" onkeyup="soma();"><br>

<input type=text id="vl2" onkeyup="soma();"><br>

<input type=text id="vl3" onkeyup="soma();"><br>



<input type=text id="vl4" onkeyup="soma();"><br>

<input type=text id="vl5" onkeyup="soma();"><br>

<input type=text id="vl6" onkeyup="soma();"><br>

<input type=text id="vl7" onkeyup="soma();"><br>



<input type=text id="vl8" onkeyup="soma();"><br>

<input type=text id="vl9" onkeyup="soma();"><br>

<input type=text id="vl10" onkeyup="soma();"><br>

<input type=text id="vl11" onkeyup="soma();"><br>

<td></tr><tr><td colspan="2">VALOR TOTAL DO CONTRATO</td>

<td align="right"><input type=text id="total" style='background:#ccc;'>



<input type=submit value=gravar>

<input type=reset value=Limpar>


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