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Erro 1004



Boa noite Galera!

O código abaixo apresenta o erro 1004 quanto chega na linha : Set B = Range(Worksheets("Cotas").Cells(Linha_q, mypIBOV), Worksheets("Cotas").Cells(ultima_linha, mypFundo))

Não manjo muito de VBA :( 

Algém pode ajudar?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click5()
Dim snome As String
Dim mypFundo As Integer
Dim mypSMLL As Integer
Dim Data As Date
Dim mypIBOV As Integer
Dim data_init As Date
Dim Data_InitVer As Date
Dim Linha_q As Integer
Dim irow As Integer
Dim Correlation As Double
Dim Res As Variant
Dim A As Range
Dim B As Range
Dim ultima_linha As Integer

    mypFundo = Worksheets("Cotas").Cells.Find("11.392.165/0001-72").Column
    mypSMLL = Worksheets("Cotas").Cells.Find("SMLL").Column
    mypIBOV = Worksheets("Cotas").Cells.Find("Ibovespa").Column

    ultima_linha = Worksheets("Cotas").Cells(Rows.Count, mypFundo).End(xlUp).Row
    Data = Worksheets("Cotas").Cells(ultima_linha, 1)
    'meio que tu tem usando o irow já calculado
    ano = Year(Data)
    data_init = DateSerial(ano, 1, 1)
    'é o primeiro dia útil?

    Data_InitVer = Application.WorksheetFunction.WorkDay(data_init, 1, Worksheets("Feriados").Range("A1:A1000"))

    snome = ActiveWorkbook.Name
    Res = Application.Match(CDbl(Data_InitVer), Workbooks(snome).Worksheets("Cotas").Columns(1), 0)
    If Not IsError(Res) Then
        Linha_q = Res
    End If


   Set A = Range(Cells(Linha_q, mypFundo), Cells(ultima_linha, mypFundo))
    irow = Worksheets("Cotas").Cells(Rows.Count, mypFundo).End(xlUp).Row

'Set A = Range(Worksheets("Cotas").Cells(Linha_q, mypFundo), Worksheets("Cotas").Cells(ultima_linha, mypFundo))
Set B = Range(Worksheets("Cotas").Cells(Linha_q, mypIBOV), Worksheets("Cotas").Cells(ultima_linha, mypFundo))

    Correlation = Application.WorksheetFunction.Correl(A, B)
End Sub

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