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What's the Most Important Thing About Email List Marketing?


First of all, it's not the size of the list. List size is important, but not the biggest thing to consider when you send out a marketing email to your list. There are actually 4 other factors that must be considered along with the size of the list. These 4 other factors are actually more important than the size of the list. Let's consider and discuss them 1 by 1.

1. Deliverability - if you have list of 10,000 email addresses on your list, when you send the email, the odds are Belgium Email List that only 40% - 50% of them will even be delivered. Deliverability for the purposes of this discussion will be defined as the number of people that actually receive your email in their in box. The factors that affect deliverability have to do with a lot of factors. Your email service provider's reputation. Reputation is one factor taken into account when your Internet Service Provider decides whether it will deliver your email, or to filter it out as spam. Email service providers and Internet Service Providers, both have reputations to uphold. If they get a bad reputation, then their email won't go out and people won't choose them to buy Internet from. How do you improve deliverability? Don't send out email filled with spammy keywords like Free, Millions, Make Money and Viagra. Don't get your website blacklisted by Google. If it gets blacklisted, your email address will get email blacklisted as well. If you want your mail to go through, don't advertise a blacklisted product. Use a good high quality email service provider that uses only a double opt in subscription service.

2. Open Rate - is the number of people on your list who receive and then open the email to read it. So obviously, the open rate is affected by the deliverability. The higher the deliverability rate, the higher the Open Rate. The open rate is affected by the from field. Make sure you don't choose a fake, silly or geeky from email address. Open Rate is also determined by the Subject line. The Subject line probably affects the Open Rate the most. Open Rate is also affected by something that you and most people never consider! When you look at your email in box, whether it be in Outlook, Yahoo or Gmail, you see the first few words in the email to let you, the user know what the email is all about. My suggestion is to make the first 2 sentences of your email count! Construct your email in such a way to make those first couple of lines of email copy count!

3. Clicks (Click Through Rate) - as you can see, the click through rate is not necessarily determined by the size of the list, or the deliverability, or the open rate but by them all. Each component builds on the previous. A large list impacts the deliverability, that impacts the open rate that impacts the number of clicks you get. Clicks to your site are really what email or internet marketing is all about. Everything is all about getting clicks. Whether you get a click through or not is determined by the copy in the body of your email. The copy is what leads up to the offer. The offer might be to click here to watch a video or download a file or whatever. Make a good offer if you want a good outcome. Should your offer say "click here to see gourmet cooks prepare hamburgers for you" or "click here to see why grinding beef is not pretty". The offer is why a reader opens the email. Good email layout is important too! Step back 5 feet and look at your email on the printed page. Is it laid out well and does it look pleasing to the eye? Is it too long? Are the line breaks where they need to be?

4. The last of the big 4 is the Conversion, the coup de gras. A conversion happens when the reader takes the predetermined action. A conversion can happen when you capture Name and email address. Or complete a sale or set an appointment to give blood. A conversion doesn't have to result in a sale. Once you start getting clicks, you can tweak the copy and the offer to improve the conversion rate. Are you getting how one thing leads to another to another, etc. Testing two different pieces of copy at different times can determine the best piece of copy to use during a big campaign. Sometimes you don't have control of the final or offer page. Affiliates that send their readers to an affiliate page can't control the conversion on that page, so pick your products well. The products should have great converting pages that sell for you after sending readers to it.

As my results in Internet Marketing improves and my personal results get better and more consistent, I am beginning to understand the importance email marketing plays in Internet Marketing. Understanding that makes a double opt-in autoresponder critical. If you don't have a list Built yet, do it now, understand the importance email plays and your results will improve!Belgium Business Email Lists

Hi, Mark McIntyre here, I review products online and write for a couple of blogs. I struggled making money online consistently for the first couple of years, and then improved both my numbers and consistency by concentrating on my email and incorporating a double opt-in email auto responder. My list has grown, is more targeted and responsive every day. I use my email list to promote top quality, products and services online. Improving email quality and managing my communications helps improve responsiveness to your offers.

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