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POST https://sample.net/teste/ 500 /teste/:1, eu preciso me preocupar?

Frank K Hosaka


Eu vejo essa mensagem no painel de inspeção do navegador, quando executo esse código:


<form method=post>
    <input name=email><input type=submit>


public function teste(Request $request){
        return view('teste');}

O código funciona, o problema é que eu não sei se posso simplesmente negligenciar a mensagem.

De acordo com o Lary Laracasts, o problema é lá no servidor, no meu caso, seria o Hostinger. Como eu só pago R$ 23,00 por mês para hospedar as minhas coisas, não sei se tenho direito a reclamar alguma coisa.


The error message "POST https://sample.net/teste/ 500 /teste/:1" indicates that there was a server-side error when attempting to make a POST request to the specified URL. This error is not related to the code provided in the question.

To troubleshoot this error, you should check the server logs to see if there are any error messages that can provide more information about the cause of the error. Additionally, you can try making the same POST request using a tool like Postman to see if the error is specific to the code or if it is a server-side issue.

As for the code provided, it appears to be functioning correctly. The form is submitting a POST request to the "teste" method in the controller, which is then retrieving the "email" input value and displaying it using the dd() function. If you want to display the email value on the page instead of using dd(), you can modify the controller code as follows:

public function teste(Request $request){ $email = $request->input("email"); return view('teste', ['email' => $email]); }

Then, in the teste.blade.php file, you can display the email value using:

@if(isset($email)) <p>Email: {{ $email }}</p> @endif

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