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[Ajuda Ruby] Alterar codigo de peso de arestas - Caixeiro Viajante&#33



Opa e ai galera tudo joia?

Queria alterar o peso das arestas fixando um peso nelas sem ser random e sem usar coordenadas como o algoritmo esta usando, fiz umas alterações, amis não consegui fixar peso ao invez de coordenadas em Ruby, alguém daria um HELP:

City = Struct.new(:x, :y, :name)
Route = Struct.new(:cities, :distance)


def add_city(x, y, name)
  CITIES << City.new(x, y, name)

def calculate_distance(from, to)
  Math.sqrt((to.x-from.x)**2 + (to.y-from.y)**2).to_i

def go_route(route, routes)
  if route.cities.length == CITIES.length
    route.distance += calculate_distance(route.cities[-1], route.cities[0])
    route.cities << route.cities[0]
    routes << route

  for city in CITIES - route.cities
    new_route = Route.new(route.cities + [city], route.distance + calculate_distance(route.cities.last, city))
    go_route(new_route, routes)

def go(routes, start_city)
  route = Route.new([start_city], 0)
  go_route(route, routes)

#def r(n=10)
#  (rand*n).to_i

#for name in ["Barba.", "Juiz F", "Belo H", "Lafai.", "Barroso"]
#  add_city(r, r, name)

add_city(2, 4, "Barba.")
add_city(1, 3, "Juiz F")
add_city(6, 8, "Belo H")
add_city(2, 5, "Lafai")
add_city(2, 6, "Barroso")

best_routes = go([], CITIES[4]).sort_by(&:distance)[0...1]

best_routes.each_with_index do |route, i|
  puts "\n"*2
  puts " Distance: #{route.distance}"
  puts " Cities:"

  last_city = nil
  distance  = 0
  puts "  %10s | %10s " % [ "City", "Distancia"]
  route.cities.each do |city|
    distance_between_cities = (last_city.nil? ? 0 : calculate_distance(last_city, city))
    puts "  %10s |     %i " % [city.name, distance+=distance_between_cities]
    last_city = city


Bom é isso falou e fuiz.

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