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Found 2 results

  1. Tomedes


    Tomedes, the leading global translation company trusted by Fortune 500 companies and with 50,000+ business customers worldwide, is looking for experienced translators. Interested applicants must provide the following details: • Language pair(s) • Main fields of expertise • Rate per source word for translation and proofreading • Daily Output • Cat tools • Links to any professional pages you might have, such as Linkedin or Proz. Please send aforementioned details together with an updated CV to [email protected] We will review your information and get back to you if relevant. We will also appreciate if you could register at https://www.tomedes.com/ when you have time. Registration is done via - http://www.tomedes.com/user/provider/createaccount Be a part of the Tomedes community! Check out the Translators Hub to read our exclusive take on all that is "Translation" -http://www.tomedes.com/translator-hub.php To learn more about the selection policy, please refer to http://www.tomedes.com/selecting-translators.php
  2. olá, eu escrevi esse tópico explicando em ingles em outro forum americano mas ninguém respondeu. to ficando LOUCA já com isso.. pelo amor de thor alguém me ajuda, brigada, vou colar mesmo porque ta f**** I'm a writer and art critic, I understand NONE of programming and html.. I am trying to get my blogger blog to have a minimal layout, I just wanted it to be centered on posts and titles, no bars anywhere, just the posts and an image for the header. this XML is the closest I could find to that, still has that sharing and menus, but.. so... if you could help me.. just simplify this and make it possible to paste into de template html editor in the dashboard.. cause I tried to do that and an error popped up. and embed videos only appears in the direct post link. my blog: viewensaio.blogspot.com the xml i tried and failed:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxmhQF3-4jMBWndqdVZJODNjZlE/view?usp=docslist_api The header is ok i guess.. i just need to get rid of side menus and that giant tags appearing on top of titles.. just need the post, title and those sharing buttons to divide are ok as well..
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