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Entradas De Char



nesse exemplo de entradas com tipo char qual a finalidade de se usar a linha do

cin>>ws; antes do cin.getline(). No programa exemplo que eu vi (abaixo) usando isto ws não tinha sido nem declarado?

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()


char FirstName [20], LastName [20];

char Address [40];

char JobPerformed [80];

cout << "Welcome to College Park Auto-Parts\n";

cout << "Enter the following information about the customer's.\n";

cout << "First Name: ";

cin >> ws;

cin.getline(FirstName, 20);

cout << "Last Name: ";

cin >> ws;

cin.getline(LastName, 20);

cout << "Address: ";

cin >> ws;

cin.getline(Address, 40);

cout << "Describe the job performed on the customer's car in 100 words or less:\n";

cin >> ws;

cin.getline(JobPerformed, 80);

cout << "\nCPAP Invoice # 1202";

cout << "\nCustomer Name: " << FirstName << " " << LastName;

cout << "\nAddress: " << Address;

cout << "\nJob Performed: " << JobPerformed;

cout << "\n\n";

return 0;


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