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Ferramenta Administrativa Php + Firebird

mestre fyoda


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eu tenho certeza , erro de configuração , se você puder me ajudar ficaria hiper grato .

mas eu fiz da sguinte maneira :

fui na pasta inc -> arquivo configuration.inc.php

substitui tudo que tem /var/lib/firebird/ por C:\Arquivos de programas\Firebird\Firebird_1_5 e

substitui /opt/firebird/ por C:/Arquivos de programas/Firebird/Firebird_1_5/

segue o link da imagem abaixo :


// File           inc/configuration.inc.php / ibWebAdmin
// Purpose        basic config, set global constants
//                this is the only file that is included in every script
// Author         Lutz Brueckner <irie@gmx.de>
// Copyright      (c) 2000-2006 by Lutz Brueckner,
//                published under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence v.2,
//                see file LICENCE for details
// Created        <00/09/11 21:20:58 lb>
// $Id: configuration.inc.php,v 2006/08/03 11:24:16 lbrueckner Exp $

// For the defines of paths you have to use slashes, even in a windows environment!
// i.e define('BINPATH', 'c:/interbase/bin/');

define('VERSION', '1.0.2');

define('BINPATH', 'C:/Arquivos de programas/Firebird/Firebird_1_5/bin/');     // path to the interbase tools (isql, etc.)

define('SECURITY_DB', 'C:/Arquivos de programas/Firebird/Firebird_1_5/security.fdb');   // where to look for the interbase security database.
                                                       // Don't add the hostname, this is taken from the login-panel.
                                                       // 'isc4.gdb', 'admin.ib', 'security.fdb', 'security2.fdb'
                                                       // are the default names for the different server versions

define('TMPPATH', '/tmp/');                        // write temporary files here,
                                                   // must be writeable for the webserver, must be an absolute path

define('DEFAULT_USER',    '*****');               // default settings for database login
define('DEFAULT_DB',      'employee.fdb');
define('DEFAULT_PATH',    'C:/Arquivos de programas/Firebird/Firebird_1_5/');
define('DEFAULT_HOST',    'localhost');
define('DEFAULT_ROLE',    '');  
define('DEFAULT_CACHE',   75);
define('DEFAULT_CHARSET', 'ISO8859_1');
define('DEFAULT_DIALECT', 3);
define('DEFAULT_SERVER',  'FB_1.5');               // FB_1.0', 'FB_1.5', 'FB_2.0', IB_6.0','IB_6.5', 'IB_7.0', 'IB_7.1' and 'other' are the valid options

define('PROTOCOL', 'http');                        // change to 'https' to use ssl

// if $ALLOWED_DIRS is not empty, only database in this directories are allowed to open;
// the webserver process must have read access to this directories (pathnames _with_trailing slashes)
$ALLOWED_DIRS = array('/var/lib/interbase/',
                      'C:/Arquivos de programas/Firebird/Firebird_1_5/',
//$ALLOWED_DIRS = array();

// if $ALLOWED_FILES is not empty, only the listed databases are allowed to open;
// if this is set the $ALLOWED_DIRS are ignored
// $ALLOWED_FILES=array('C:/Arquivos de programas/Firebird/Firebird_1_5/ibwizard.gdb',
//                      '/var/lib/interbase/test.gdb',
//                      'dbalias'
//                      );

$DATABASE_SUFFIXES = array('gdb', 'fdb', 'ib');    // login into databases, creating and dropping of databases
                                                   // is restricted to database files with this file extensions

define('BACKUP_DIR', 'C:/Arquivos de programas/Firebird/Firebird_1_5/backup/'); // define this to restrict the location for backup files

define('LANGUAGE', 'english');       // set the language to use; 'english', 'brazilian_portuguese', 'czech',  'dutch', 'hungarian'
                                     // 'japanese', 'polish', 'russian-win1251', 'spanish' and 'german' are valid options

// uncomment the corresponding line for every panel
// you want to not appear in the application
$HIDE_PANELS = array(
//                      'db_create',      // Create Database
//                      'db_delete',      // Delete Database
//                      'db_systable',    // System Tables
//                      'db_meta',        // Metadata
//                      'tb_show',        // View Tables
//                      'tb_create',      // Create New Table
//                      'tb_modify',      // Modify Table
//                      'tb_delete',      // Delete Table
//                      'acc_index',      // Indexes
//                      'acc_gen',        // Generators
//                      'acc_trigger',    // Triggers
//                      'acc_proc',       // Stored Procedures
//                      'acc_domain',     // Domains
//                      'acc_views',      // Views
//                      'acc_exc',        // Exceptions
//                      'acc_udf',        // User Defined Functions
//                      'sql_enter',      // Enter Command or Script
//                      'sql_output',     // Show Output
//                      'dt_enter',       // Enter Data
//                      'dt_csv',         // CSV Import/Export
//                      'tb_watch',       // Watch Table
//                      'usr_user',       // Users
//                      'usr_role',       // Roles
//                      'usr_cust',       // Customizing
//                      'adm_server',     // Server Statistics
//                      'adm_dbstat',     // Database Statistics
//                      'adm_gfix',       // Database Maintenance
//                      'adm_backup',     // Backup
//                      'adm_restore'     // Restore

// use this array to disable the execution of commands or command groups
// from the sql-enter panel
$SQL_DISABLE = array('CREATE DATABASE',   // disables creation of databases/schemas; there is no need to
                     'CREATE SCHEMA',     // add entries for [ALTER|DROP] DATABASE because they did not work anyhow.
//                     'DROP'             // uncommenting this disables all DROP statements
//                     'DROP TABLE'       // uncommenting this disables the DROP TABLE statement

define('SYSDBA_GET_ALL', TRUE);           // if TRUE the $HIDE_PANELS and the $SQL_DISABLE settings have
                                          // no effect for the SYSDBA user

define('CONFIRM_DELETE', TRUE);           // ask for confirmation when deleting data rows or any database objects

define('TABMENU_STYLE', 'HTML');   // set the method for the tabfolder menu:
                                   // 'HTML'  a css formated html table
                                   // 'IMAGE' use the images from the data/menu folders as an imagemap
                                   // 'BUILD' use the TabMenu class to generate the images for every request on the fly,
                                   //         this requires that your php-installation supports the gd library (with ttf and png)

define('MENU_WIDTH', 900);         // width of the menu bar, used if TABMENU_STYLE is set to IMAGE;
                                   // must be one of 600, 900, 1100

define('DATAPATH','./data/');      // the place where ibWebAdmin searches the graphics for the menu, icons, etc

define('TTF_FONT', realpath('./data/Summersby.ttf'));  // ttf font file for the menu (used by TabMenu class when TABMENU_STYLE == BUILD)
define('TTF_SIZE', 12);

define('ICON_SIZE', 'small');      // size of the icons and navigation elements;
                                   // 'big' and 'small' are valid settings

define('COLOR_BACKGROUND',   '#F6F7C0');   // color settings
define('COLOR_PANEL',        '#CAEA62');
define('COLOR_AREA',         '#FEFFE0');
define('COLOR_HEADLINE',     '#F0E68C');
define('COLOR_MENUBORDER',   '#008000');
define('COLOR_LINK',         '#0000CD');
define('COLOR_LINKHOVER',    '#1E90FF');
define('COLOR_SELECTEDROW',  '#008000');
define('COLOR_FIRSTROW',     '#DFDFDF');
define('COLOR_SECONDROW',    '#EFEFEF');

define('BG_TRANSPARENT', TRUE);    // set TRUE to use png images with a transparent background;
                                   // this is not supported by NS4, but is looking much better with changed color settings

define('SQL_AREA_COLS', 80);       // use this for the textarea on the SQL page (also used on the triggers,
define('SQL_AREA_ROWS', 6);        // the stored procedures and the views panels)

define('SQL_MAXSAVE', 100);        // defines the maximal line count to save in the session;
                                   // if '0' the whole content will be saved; if the content of the
                                   // textarea is bigger, nothing will be saved

define('SQL_HISTORY_SIZE', 25);    // number of entries in the the sql history buffer

define('SHOW_OUTPUT_ROWS', 100);   // number of rows to display on the sql_output-panel,
                                   // unless the 'Display All' button was hit

define('DATA_MAXWIDTH', 80);       // maximal width for the input fields on the dt_enter-panel

define('MAX_CSV_LINE', 50000);     // maximal length for a line read from the csv import file

define('DEFAULT_ROWS', 25);        // number of rows to dispay in the watch-panel by default

define('BLOB_WINDOW_WIDTH', 600);  // default dimensions for the blob displaying windows
define('BLOB_WINDOW_HEIGHT', 800);

define('USE_DHTML', TRUE);         // set FALSE if you have troubles with the dhtml in the datatype definition form
                                   // or if you want to turn off the JavaScript remote scripting features

define('CACHE_STYLESHEET', TRUE);  // set FALSE to force relaoding of the stylesheet with every request

# four methods are selectable for use on the watchtable-panel
# for skiping to the first row to display
define('WT_SKIP_ROWS',        0x01);    // skip rows by looping (slowest, but works under all circumstances);
define('WT_STORED_PROCEDURE', 0x02);    // use a stored procedure (faster, but will cause trouble if more than
                                        // one user is browsing tables in a database by time);
define('WT_FIREBIRD_SKIP',    0x04);    // use the Firebird 'SELECT FIRST x SKIP x' syntax (fastest, but available
                                        // only with the firebird server);
define('WT_IB65_ROWS',        0x08);    // use the Interbase6.5 'ROWS x TO y' syntax (untestet, because I don't have
                                        // access to an ib65 server  *** please report any errors or success with this ***)
define('WT_BEST_GUESS',       0x10);    // ibWebAdmin is checking the login Server setting
                                        // and will use the best/fastest choice from the methods defined above

# set the watchtable method of your choice

define('IBWA_PREFIX', 'IBWA_');                // prefix for the names of ibWebAdmins own stored procedures
define('SP_LIMIT_NAME', IBWA_PREFIX.'LIMIT');  // name for the stored procedure used by the Watch Table panel

define('SESSION_NAME', 'ibwa');         // session name to use

define('PERSISTANT_CONNECTIONS', FALSE); // whether to use ibase_pconnect() or ibase_connect();
                                         // although using persistant connections is significant faster, they cause
                                         // several tasks to fail (i.e. 'ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT ...', database maintenance)

# transaction parameters used for the calls of ibase_trans()

define('META_REDIRECT', FALSE);         // use server (FALSE) or client (TRUE) side redirection

define('DEBUG', FALSE);                 // if TRUE print the $debug[] to the info-panel
define('DEBUG_HTML', FALSE);            // if TRUE write the output_buffer to TMPPATH/{scriptname}.html before
                                        // sending it to the client
define('DEBUG_COMMANDS', FALSE);        // if TRUE all calls of external commands are diplayed on the info-panel
define('DEBUG_FILES', FALSE);           // if TRUE the temporary files created in TMPATH for processing by isql
                                        // are not deleted when isql is finished

if ('' != SESSION_NAME) session_name(SESSION_NAME);

if (DEBUG === TRUE) error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);


não deu para mandar em anexo o arquivo , ai postei aqui .

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